My Coding Resources

I had little to no coding experience when I started making my website, meaning I relied on a lot of online resources to help me along the way! I know a lot of others are probably in this same position, so I have compiled all the resources I've used here to share them with you all :)
Good luck on all your coding adventures!

Item Coding Resource
Basic Html Neocities Html Tutorial
Coding Software
with live preview
Tables W3 School Tables
How I Make My Gifs Gimp
Change An Image On Click (what i used for my about page avatar) Stack Overflow
W3 School
She Codes
Dropdown Bar For My Navbar W3 School
How I Made My Flipbooks(in my sketchbook gallery page) CodingStar on Youtube
Pixel Art Software PiskelApp
Drawing Software Clip Studio Paint
Running Banner Across Screen
Button Maker hekate2
Bottom Navbar W3 School
GreatStack Youtube
Figures and Captions W3 School

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